Flip flop flip flop – the sound of summer

Just a quicky today to say get these on your hoofs! Since summer has hit us with full force, it’s going to be a beachy kind of weekend and you need to be prepared. This involves sunscreen, hat, esky full of cold ones and a pair of New Zealand safety boots, as my Dad used to call them. Or thongs, if you’re not fluent in 80s ocker slang.

Havaiana’s sexy Brazilian cousin Dupe (doo-pay) has hit our shore and is ready to party. Just as comfy, if not comfier (is that a word?) than Havaianas, they are made from a super-soft, flexible high-tech rubber to protect and cushion your feet while you traipse a kilometre from your parking spot somewhere in the back of Bondi, negotiate the scores of British backpackers on the hot sand and then get you back to the convenience store for a Calippo and a bottle of water. That’s a lot of walking for a relaxing day at the beach! See the gel spot on the heel? That’s HXP gel (translation – feels good, man).

Price: starts from $14.95
From: the usual thongs stockists (I got mine from General Pants)
Why you need them: Do you wear anything but thongs in summer?

These same cool cats are also bringing us thongs with an edge. I first spotted Bruna thongs on the feet of the fashion director of one of the big mags and instantly fell in love with the chic studded design on a simple black thong. (FYI – Bruna is the niece of the chick who brought Havaianas to Australia – that’s good thong breeding). You can pick from square studs, round studs or rows of crystals on black or white. Consider them your formal thongs, for big occasions. (Thanks to the glamorous Sassi Sam for letting me steal her image of the Bruna’s!)

Price: $39.95
From: General Pants
Why you need them: Like I said, do you wear anything but thongs in summer? You need a nice dressy pair for those big occasions (weddings, formals, Christmas parties)

Picture credit: Dupe.com.au, Sassisamblog.com

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  1. MrsTeneal

    November 23, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    Ohhh, I like the new Havi's! Might need to get me some!

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