Be a Diva and stack your wrists

Do you remember two weeks ago when I was talking about how I was going to stick with my basics for the silly season and go nuts on the accessorising? Well I hit up Diva the other day. Impressed++. They have SO much good stuff at the moment.

I was specifically looking for wrist adornments, and Diva didn’t disappoint. I picked up the most awesome studded black bangle which I can mix and match with either coloured or silver pieces, or just wear as a single statement cuff. I think it will be my default from now on. I also picked up a couple of stacks of bangles in different colours and textures (one in blue and purple, and one in black and white, since I know that was your next question) so I can pile them up on my arm and make jangling noises whenever I type. I really think my popularity in the office is steadily decreasing because I always have a wrist full of noisy clankers and they make the most irritating noise when I’m bashing away at the computer. Personally, I love the noise, but I don’t think anyone else does! Have I become that girl in the office? I also spotted a studded black wrist wrap which I intend to go back and pick up this week. That shouldn’t make any noise, so my colleagues will probably appreciate it.

Price: Studded cuff $19.99, stacks from $16.99
From: Diva
Why you need it: Cheap and cheerful jewellery – yes please! Add some variety to your day.

As an aside, did you know Diva have an online shop now? I swear, I can do pretty much all my
Christmas shopping from my desk this year (only on my lunch break Boss, I promise!).

Picture credit: Diva

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