Animal instincts (on your fingers)

I was flicking through my diary the other day and I realised I have quite a lot of events to go to in the next 7.5 weeks leading up to Christmas (can I just add at this point HOLY COW! That’s way too soon for my liking). Lots of events means lots of outfits and posing and smiling and drinking champagne. Incidentally, I learned the hard way last week that champagne from a mini bottle with a straw is an accident waiting to happen, and not in a get drunk way, but in a ‘it fizzles out over the top and goes all over you’ way. I’m all class.

So lots of parties means lots of dressing up. I’m not one for dressing up much, and I don’t wear heels despite my petite stature, so I tend to keep things pretty basic – black skirt, black dress, black top, occasionally a bit of grey to change things up. Basic black means I can recycle outfits quite easily, but it’s also a bit repetitive. SO. My philosophy for this party season is wearing my same basic black outfits (why change when you’re onto a good thing) and making each outfit look different by rotating through my enormous jewellery box. I was off to a good start last week with my new finds at Anna Design (so much colour!) and I have found a new favourite now in Najo cocktail rings.

Najo is an Aussie jewellery company that specialises in sterling silver. They do all sorts of lovely necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets, but it’s their cocktails rings I have fallen for. Or more specifically, the cocktails rings from their Fairytale Collection. Think Tortoise and the Hare, Puss In Boots, The Frog Prince, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Theme? Animals. But these animals are sparkling and shiny and set with cubic zirconia’s. I am head-over-heels for my new bumble bee, and my friend had the frog on when we went out last week (sounds weird, looks awesome). These rings certainly aren’t for the faint hearted – if you’re wearing a tiger or a porcupine on your hand you’re making a statement (that you love animals?) and you don’t want to wear too much else to distract away from your hands. Best wear with basic black – how convenient.

Price: They vary, but as an example – bee $205, tiger $279, frog $279, porcupine $155
From: Najo – check their website for stockists
Why you need it: For an interesting and unique statement piece of jewellery this party season (and to appease your childlike need for shiny things)

Picture credit: Najo

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