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You know when you’ve seen something you liked in a magazine but you can’t quite remember which magazine or what the brand was, but you can describe it perfectly and you KNOW you want to buy it? Yeah, this has been me for the past month. I saw a bracelet in a magazine (it may have been Grazia, but I could have imagined that) and I have been searching high and low for it. Googling, wandering into every jewellery store in Sydney, asking all my fashionable friends (who, incidentally, now think I’m a bit nuts). Nothing.

Cut to last week when I got an invitation to go to the opening of Anna Hookway’s new Anna Design store in Mosman. ‘Hmmm’, I think, ‘I’ll just check out the Anna Design website to see what kind of jewellery it is…..HOLY S#^T!!!’ There it was. That blessed bracelet I had been searching for. Right there in all its silver and white glory, all shiny and tassle-y and calling my name. Can you believe it? Talk about fate – I was meant to have that bracelet.

I was also meant to have a whole lot of other things from Anna Design because her jewellery is truly beautiful. Inspired by her trips to the east, each piece is handcrafted with the kind of colour and personality you are proud to wear. Her pieces are statements; of life, of love and of fun. Do I sound cheesey? How could you not when you’re gushing over bright and shiny jewellery! But it’s not just the product that’s amazing. Walking into the Anna Design store in Mosman is like walking into a glamorous friend’s home. One wall is all mirrors and mood boards, with vintage knobs and handles acting as hangers for the necklaces. The opposing wall is black drawers that you can open and explore, with notes from Anna tucked away alongside her treasures. You can touch and try everything, so you’ll know when you find that special piece that speaks to you. In much the same way the bracelet spoke to me.

Price: My bracelet – $120. Prices start from $35 for smaller pieces and go up from there
From: Anna Design – Shop 5, 732 Military Road Mosman
Why you need it: Everyone needs a signature jewellery piece.

Picture credit: annadesign.com.au

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