Viva Le Resistance

I’m totally a month late to the “review Muses’s new album” party, but better late than never. You guys, this is a brilliant album! I have always been a big Muse fan, although the last album (Black Holes and Revelations) was kinda good and kinda not good. You know, I only just realised that album was released in 2006. I could have sworn it was like late 2007 or something. Where does the time get to? Anyway, the new album – The Resistance – is kickass.

You know when you listen to a new CD and after about 7 or 8 listens you end up with 1 or 2 favourite songs? I can’t pick one. There are the upbeat, fast tracks, and then the melodic ballads and *swoon* I adore Matthew Bellamy’s voice. I also love that fact that he has been toiling away on his three-part symphony for a few years now and we finally get to experience it on this album.

If you got tickets to the Big Day Out 2010, please promise you will go and see Muse! If you didn’t, then hope they are doing sideshows. However, and I add this on the advice of my good friend Kat, don’t listen to this album at 3am whilst driving through fog on deserted highways between Sydney and Melbourne. Apparently it’s a little creepy.

Price: $16.99
From: iTunes
Why you need it: The Resistance is 54 minutes of pure musicality.

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