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I was having a chat with a very glamorous and spectacular friend of mine the other day and she casually dropped in to the conversation that she had tried out a new candle and had I heard of them. I immediately dropped everything else I was doing and hung off her every word because I am a candle nut. Ok, maybe nut is the wrong word. Perhaps I am more a connisseur. My house is covered in candles and I used to manage a store for a very well known candle chain so I know. my. shit.

So after some investigating, the brand is Le Desire and they are a predominately Melbourne based candle company with stores in a bunch of shopping centres. Turns out Le Desire also have a couple of stores in Sydney. How did I not know this? Their product range is very similar to ‘that other candle store’ (Dusk) – candles, home fragrance, home decor, aromatherapy etc etc. As an aside, I completely fell head over heels in love with a tinned candle from Old Navy in the States that was Ruby Guava. I have been stashing my last couple for a special occasion as I hadn’t found anything like it here but…and this brings me to my point…Le Desire do a Ruby Mandarin travel tin candle that is very similar. It’s from their Journey collection, which is Valencia, Spain (ruby mandarin), Madagascar (amber vanilla), Provence, South Spain (lavender thyme) and Bali, Indonesia (bamboo jasmine). LOVE it. They are soy wax, so they burn really well, and the tin is super cute and convenient. It throws a good scent but it’s not so strong that it’s overpowering. I have an open plan kitchen/lounge room and sometimes I can’t have scented candles burning if I’m cooking, but this one was subtle enough that it didn’t interfere when I was baking (I made snickerdoodles – they were beyond amazing if I do say so myself – let me know if you want the recipe).

Price: $9.99
From: Le Desire stores
Why you need it: Everyone needs a good fragranced candle in their life. These ones are a steal for the number of hours burn time you get (20 hours) and they look pretty so they will be a great stocking stuffer or secret santa gift.

Picture credit: ledesire.com

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