Some sweetness for a Friday

I have a load of stuff to tell you about – I did a heap of shopping this week and so much has been going on, but I thought ‘screw it’ and today we are all going to drool over the Ferrero Rondnoir. Have you tried one yet? So good. They have been floating around for about almost a year now so they aren’t really new, but not many people seem to have tried them yet. If you haven’t, nip down to the Night Noodle Markets (if you’re in Syd) and grab a freebie (btw – it’s the last night of the markets tonight). You don’t even have to be a dark chocolate lover to appreciate the soft creamy goodness.

The outside reminded me a little of crushed oreos – it’s was a crumbly chocolate biscuit on the same thin wafer as Ferrero Rocher. Inside is creamy, smooth dark chocolate and the prize in the centre is a little nugget of dark chocolate the size of a coffee bean. It literally melts in your mouth. But, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let the picture do the talking (be sure to mind the drool on the keyboard – not a good look).

Sigh. Treat yourself, it’s Friday!!

Price: $9.80 for box of 12
From: Coles
Why you need one: Sweet, delicious dark chocolate is the ultimate treat. Convince yourself it’s healthy by repeating my mantra ‘dark chocolate = antioxidants = healthy’

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