Sara Lee sent straight from heaven

Drool. I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of indulging in Sara Lee cheesecake/chocolate cake/sticky date pudding under the cover of darkness for a late night snack. They do the BEST cheesecakes and you can eat them either warmed up or still frozen (still frozen is the best). Boyfriend has been known to eat a whole chocolate cake straight from the freezer, and I’m sure he will be impressed with me for sharing that.

So three cheers for Sara Lee and their new cheesecake minis! They take the guilt out of freezer cake snacking (otherwise known as ‘being a pig’). It’s a little square box with 2 tubs inside, each tub filled with 18 bite sized pieces of cheesecake (so 36 all up – well done you for adding that up). I literally mean bite sized – each piece is a mere morsel and I have no doubt I could eat 2 whole tubs in one sitting, but that’s something my self-control and I need to work on.

They come in 4 yummy flavours: original cheesecake, strawberry, chocolate and caramel. My pick is the caramel…there is nothing better than soft caramel woven through a cheesecake. In fact, I’m off to grab one now (provided my colleagues haven’t eaten them all already).

Price: $6.53
From: The supermarket
Why you need them: Guilt free snacking! Surely something so small must be small on calories, right? (Please say yes…I have eaten about 20 of them already today)

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  1. eskimojo

    October 28, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    Original cheesecake is the only way to go!

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