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A very glamorous friend of mine knows I’m a makeup addict (moi? Quelle horreur) so she recommended I get on board French brand SLA. I realised after we had talked about it that I had heard of Serge Louis Alvarez before, but always considered it a “professional” brand i.e. something you see in the flight cases of hardcore pro’s but never on the bench in the average girls bathroom. Now, I can’t comment on the whole range (they have over 850 professional products and my bathroom is not that big) but I can give you the lowdown on the couple of things I tried and why I am now converted.

Corrective Protection Anti Dark Circles Concealer. Sounds hardcore, right? I don’t know about you, but between work, family, friends, boyfriend, gym, blogging and shopping, I have some pretty spectacular dark circles under my eyes. A combination of not sleeping well and not eating well, I think it’s just easier to hide them than try and fix them (Sleep? Vegetables? Bah!). So I was well keen to give this a go. I was also keen to try out one of Chris King’s tips: instead of just concealing under the eye, also go above the eye so it’s a nice, even colour and then the darkest point is the point right in the middle. This is where you want to highlight, either with a light colour to open the eye up, or with a bright colour for a pop. Verdict? Covers the dark circles really well. I like when a product does exactly what it says it will. Is nice.

I also tried out the Liberty Blush, which reminded me a lot of the Becca crème blush that I am still obsessed with 3 months later. It comes in four colours, but I tried the rose pink because it is very ladylike and everyone knows I’m a lady. It gives a really nice, gentle flush and it goes on well with a little heat from the fingers (although SLA do recommend you always use brushes to apply their products because they are so rich in pigmentation). The other thing I love about both of these products, and this is definitely weird, is the fact they don’t smell like makeup. Not sure if it’s all the SLA products or just some of them, but they smell like vanilla! Fancy!

Price: Concealer – $42; Blush – $30.40
From: Encore Beauty
Why you need them: So you feel like a professional makeup artist with your fancypants products.

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