Primped VIP review – Estee Lauder part 2

Add ImageOk, I had the best of intentions to do all the Estee Lauder goodies in one go but I had so much to say about eyeshadow quad that, well, here we are on part 2. Let’s not waste any more time.

Estee Lauder Opulent Shimmer Gloss in Cranberry

If I could wear this lipgloss as a perfume, I would. I also wouldn’t be averse to eating it. Cranberry! Apart from the beautiful packaging, the first thing I noticed when I laid my grubby mits on this was the delicious cranberry scent. It smells like Thanksgiving (if you have never experienced an American Thanksgiving, then this might not mean anything to you so…uh…cranberries). The colour is a shimmering red, but not a bright apple red, more of a subtle deep red. It starts off really rich and punchy and then fades to a beautiful lustrous shine that lasts until you eat a sausage roll or lick your lips more than 30 times.

Great scent, wearable colour, lovely packaging, lasts a long time

Don’t wear it in a dust storm or on a really windy day – it’s a bit sticky and your hair will get stuck to your lips.

Price: $42
From: Estee Lauder counters
Why you need it: For a beautiful, glossy reddish pout

Estee Lauder Turbolash Mascara in Gold

I will be honest, when I first got this mascara I went ‘oooh vibrating!’, opened it, marvelled at the rapidly oscillating head and then tried to figure out how to make it stop vibrating. Button? Twisty head? It took the guy in the office to say ‘just put it back in the tube’ for it to stop wiggling. Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. Maybe so that you learn from my really obvious mistake.

Of the three EL products I was sent, this was probably my least favourite, and there are 2 reasons for this.

1 – Whilst the vibrating is a novelty, when you put it against your lashes it feels like an eye twitch. If you have ever had an eye twitch, you will know what a horrible sensation this is. If you haven’t, then you’re about to find out. I don’t believe the vibration makes a huge difference to the application and amount of product deposited, but perhaps that was just the colour I was using. I would love to try a vibey mascara in black to compare.
2 – The colour and formula. It was a shimmery coppery-gold colour (not hugely unlike the cabernet coloured Lash Blast Shimmer I posted about 2 weeks ago) but it didn’t really leave much colour on my lashes beyond some gold glitter. I tried applying it both with and without black mascara underneath – when I applied it to dry lashes, all I got was a bit of glitter and shimmer and when I applied it to lashes that already had black mascara on, it just made my lashes wet and sticky. Neither was an effect I was really digging. (Honestly, I tried to take a photo but my elite skills aren’t that elite – sorry. In the pic above the mascara is the red and gold stripey tube, while the one with the pattern is the lipgloss)

The only time this mascara would be appropriate is when you are going for bronzed face, coral cheeks and totally fresh eyes (i.e. no mascara, so some shimmer with gold eyeshadow would look gentle and youthful).

Price: $62
From: Rebel Sport, naturally
Why you need it: For shimmery, gold eyelashes

Picture credit: That’s me smiling!

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