Primped VIP review – Estee Lauder collection

Remember how I mentioned that I had been sent a big load of beauty goodness from Primped and I got to play with it and think about it and enjoy it and then tell you all what I liked and didn’t like? Some of it was very lovely Estee Lauder stuff and I’m excited because it was so much fun! There were 3 EL pieces so I figured I would do them all in one mega review (split over 2 days, so kinda not really mega).

First up…Estee Lauder Signature Eyeshadow Quad – Gold Opulence

The ultimate in lux, the palette is in a beautiful gold case with the signature EL on the top – tres glam. There are 4 colours in the quad – champagne, copper, bronze and a deep blue/grey/charcoal (there were no colour names, so I took liberties and made them up – evidently I’m no pantone expert). This was a dream palette for me because I wear champagne (on the inner eye), copper (all over the lid) and bronze (in the crease and under the eye) every single day – it’s my default makeup look. So this slot straight into morning routine, not only because it was my colours but also because it was so easy to use – the brushes were a dream! It comes with 2 beautiful double-end brushes – a precise pointed-tip sponge, 2 regular sponges and a blending brush which is soft and easy to use. It really reminded me how important it is to use a quality brush to get a great application with minimal mess.

I also stepped outside of my comfort zone and had a crack with the charcoal blue colour too – it was great for night and a nice alternative to black for a smoky eye. The pigments of colour are so rich that they lasted all night and looked like velvet even hours after the application (which is very rare for me since makeup seems to just fall off my face after an hour).

Verdict? Love it. I would do a pros and cons list but there are no cons. I think that speaks volumes.

Price: $70
From: The Estee Lauder counter at your local department store
Why you need it: To really nail the copper and bronze eye for summer, or try an alternative to the usual smoky black eye.

Tomorrow: the other Estee Lauder stuff I got to play with – vibrating mascara and luscious lipgloss!

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