On the matter of perfume

Everyone has been raving on about the new Marc Jacobs scent Lola so I had to go and check this shizz out for myself. It really is as good as people keep saying it is.

What I like, in no particular order:
  • Top notes of green apple. Well, I said green apple and Kat said rose so, you know, different noses. But on first spray it’s very sweet and fruity, but not strong fruity, more like a sensual fruit (fruit can be very sexy, y’know).
  • Middle notes of subtle and dark. Peppercorn, pear, grapefruit and a hint of vanilla. This is much more grown up than Daisy (which everyone seems to keep comparing it to, so I may as well follow suit). Think of Daisy as young and girly and white blouses with denim cutoffs, while this is smouldering, with high heels and an LBD.
  • The bottle is AMAZING. From all the pictures, I assumed the flower on the top would either be glass (silly) or some sort of hard laminate. Wrong-o. It’s a soft plastic – you can move and bend all the petals. Crazy delicious!
  • I have had ‘Lola’ stuck in my head for 3 days solid now as I keep reading reviews of this perfume and I keep laughing because Lola is my good friend Jo’s signature karaoke song and I just picture her belting it out. Lo lo lo lo Lo-la!

Add it to your Christmas list girls – it’s a keeper!

Price: 50ml, $120 (the taller one) and 100ml, $160 (the wider one)
From: Myer
Why you need it: To smell all grown up and lovely

Speaking of Christmas, ’tis the season when all the perfume houses start doing special gift sets. It’s a great time to shop for your scent because you can usually pick up your fragrance of choice with an added gift like the body lotion, cosmetics bag or towel. Or you can also get mini sets, like the Kenzo one I’m about to mention. Now, I didn’t buy this myself so it’s not really Stuff That I Bought, but I was with Kat when she bought it and therefore I reserve the right to write about it. Kenzo currently have a set of 3 mini bottles of Flower for $39 – the picture to the left is acutally the American mini set – I couldn’t find an image of the Aussie version but it’s the same deal, slightly different packaging. That’s such a good price! Actually, when I saw the point of sale sign for it, I figured it must have been a mistake. Three mini bottles at 4ml each all together in a little presentation box – good gift for Mum, Aunty, Nan, boss that you like or secret santa (depending on the budget set in your office, obvs).

Price: $39
From: Myer
Why you need it: So you have mini perfumes to keep in your handbag/carry on/gym bag/desk drawer or to give as a lovely gift to someone worthy.

Picture credit: kenzousa.com; marcjacobs.com

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