Mama Mia! (sorry for getting the song stuck in your head)

I grew up on a steady diet of Dolly, Cleo and Cosmo, so Mia Freedman was someone who was very much part of my formative years. In fact, when I moved house a few years ago I had to get rid of my collection of Cosmo’s, Cleo’s and Dolly’s from the 90s and it was tough (I kept some, but don’t tell Boyfriend)! It’s amazing to look back at old mags and see what was in fashion, what topics were being discussed and which celebs we were emulating (this is where I drop the word zeitgeist, cos it’s a good word).

So I was very excited to read Mia’s memoirs about her years in magazine land – she talks about the cover of issues I know I bought and articles I know I read. It’s also a total spin out to hear (read?) her talking about people she worked with and offices she sat in while I’m thinking ‘I work with those people! I have been in that office!’ since my Real Life Day Job is at the same company she was once with.

Mia has a really great writing style so the book is easy to devour. I tell you what though, it must have been a tough one for her to write. She has really laid her soul bare, talking about her kids, her relationships and her miscarriage. I will admit to trying to read through tear-filled eyes; I couldn’t see what I was reading but I had to know what happened next!

I won’t ruin the ending (it involves a carrot and a donkey) but I recommend you give it a go. Hopefully you take away the same message I did – it’s ok to drop the ball occasionally and you don’t have to have it all to be happy.

Price: $30.99
From: Borders
Why you need it: To get a different perspective on magazine land and an insight into balancing a high flying career and a growing family.

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