Like watching paint dry

When you think about makeup companies doing collaborations, you think designers and celebrities. Certainly not paint companies. I kid you not…kit Cosmetics have teamed up with Dulux to do a line of nail polish. I know, right?! That was my reaction too. Oddly though, it works. Hear me out.

Sherbert colours. Blue, purple, pink and orange. (although the pink is kinda coral-y) These colours are perfect for summer and very on-trend. As an aside, is the term on-trend kinda wanky? How else do we say ‘you will look like the coolest person in the room’. Ok, maybe that will do.

I bought the Dulux Hot Calypso (pure coral) and I plan on going back next week for the Dulux Blue Surf (ocean blue). The girl I spoke to at Kit was wearing Dulux Exotic Flower (sunset orange) and it was a really cool bright summery tangerine colour, while the Dulux Kiss (summer musk aka purple) reminded me alot of the OPI Done Out In Deco lavender colour from the South Beach range. Kit polish are always really good quality too, so you know you will get a strong colour and it won’t flake off (provided you prime properly and do 2 coats, naturally).

Price: $15.95

From: Kit Cosmetics

Why you need it: For delicious, musk-coloured summer fingernails

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  1. the showpony

    October 25, 2009 at 10:36 am

    oooooh… that blue will be landing on my fingernails this week if i have anything to do with it!

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