I have reached new levels of sloth

After talking about having donuts delivered to the office earlier in the week, todays post will quite possibly disgust you (or reach new levels of disgust; whichever).

Yesterday was someone in the office’s birthday. How do you celebrate a birthday? With cake. But seriously, it’s so far to walk to go and buy a cake! Like…5 minutes away! That’s ridiculous. We couldn’t very well walk down to get the cake, so we ordered it online. And someone came and delivered it. Do you hear me? Delivered cake. I love Sydney.

Props to Michel’s Patisserie for offering this amazing service. They deliver anywhere in the Sydney CBD – all you have to do is either call up or email your order. Some might say this is for the busy and efficient; I just say lazy. Either way, Michel’s rocks!

Oh yeah, we got chocolate mud. It was good.

Price: $33 for the cake – FREE delivery!
From: Michel’s Patisserie
Why you need it: Too busy and important to leave the office? Have your cake delivered!

Picture credit: michels.com.au

As an aside – you guys must honestly think I am the laziest person alive between delivered donuts and delivered cakes. I feel like I need to write about carrot sticks and doing exercise or something just to make amends.

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