Current Obsession: Bus Scrolls

This so called “current obsession” has been dragging on for a good 6 months now. I remember seeing these featured in Real Living earlier in the year and flagging the page because I had to have one. Naturally, I played a game of ‘with what money’ and lost, but that hasn’t stopped my passion for these beautiful canvases. I love how deliciously retro they are, harking back to an era when the train banner or bus banner told you where you were going and people on public transport had manners. As an inner-city rat, I would love to have Sydenham, Redfern, Central, Town Hall, Martin Place, Kings Cross, Edgecliff, Bondi Junction on my wall, because that’s my hood. It also reminds me of my childhood and the train announcer saying those stations every time I travelled into the city (trivia: I lived on the blue train line as a kid and that won’t mean anything to anyone who doesn’t live in Sydney).

If I do eventually take the plunge and get the canvas, I will have to have it custom made because it isn’t one they have readily available. My other option is the New York City scroll. I adore New York City and would love to eventually live there (in my alternate, glamorous life). I have already decided that we will be honeymooning in NYC (Boyfriend was happy with this arrangement) and that we will buy the canvas as a wedding gift to ourselves (he hasn’t agreed to this yet, but he kinda has no choice). Good arrangement? Shall I place my order now?

Price: NYC scroll $499 – custom scrolls start at $350 for small canvas only and go up to $699 for large stretched frame
From: – they also list their stockists on their site
Why you need it: Everyone needs art in their homes – why not make it meaningful and personal, whether it’s somewhere you have been or somewhere you want to go

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  1. the showpony

    October 30, 2009 at 4:56 am

    i'm obsessed with these too – spent ages one lunchtime trying to decide which 'burbs to get, but couldn't justify the the price… maybe one day…

  2. Esz

    November 2, 2009 at 6:11 am

    Funny you mention these – Me and the BF were eyeing one off at a local cafe recently. I went UltraGeek and used the WhatTheFont app on my iPhone to suss out the font used….The font being either Toronto Gothic or Folio.

    – You do realise how easy these would be to make??? I could knock one up for you in Illustrator – send you a PDF and you can get it printed onto canvas at whichever photo->canvas printer you choose. Should be much cheaper. 😀

  3. Gary

    March 16, 2011 at 1:14 am

    Hi, we run a company called and offer a personalisation service for our customers of only $30, this means for a small fee our customers can be as creative as they want to be without worrying about the cost.

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