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You remember a few weeks ago when I talked about Covergirl Lash Blast Luxe in the four metallic colours that you couldn’t buy in Australia. You don’t? Well the post is right here. Anyway, I discovered that whilst you still can’t get the metallic Lash Blast here (boo), you CAN get it’s equally cool sister Covergirl Exact Eyelights. The principal is similar – light reflecting metallics matched to your eye colour for maximum punch on your peepers. It comes in four colours – Black Pearl, Black Sapphire, Black Ruby and Black Gold, which are suspiciously similar to the Lash Blast colours, but that’s ok because they are all one big happy Covergirl family. Could you imagine those family get-togethers! Talk about a rollicking good time. Point is – pop on down to Priceline and see what I was banging on about. If you’re disappointed let me know and I’ll send you a Mars bar to make up for your trouble.

Price: $17.95
From: Priceline and wherever else Covergirl is stocked
Why you need it: For bright, defined eyes

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