A lesson in manners: baby gifts and thankyou cards

Is there anything nicer than receiving a thank you card? I have been on a one woman crusade to bring back the long forgotten art of hand-written mail for a while now, and the brilliant new website mooo.com.au obviously has the same idea that I do (what a smart, polite website – invite them round for afternoon tea!). When the site first launched they had a word of mouth offer where you got sent some free thank you cards for recommending the site to friends (I got mine…keep an eye on your mailbox because I want to that you for visiting my site). I believe that has finished now, and I apologise for not writing about it in time – bad blogger! But their stuff is so cute you will want to pay for it anyway.

Speaking of, one of Boyfriend’s cousins had a baby recently and I have already bought the Christening present even though we don’t have an invitation yet. I got so over-excited I just bought it, assuming they will have the new little one Christened at some stage (if they don’t, I just scored myself a highly inappropriate but very cute gift). Did you ever have a name puzzle as a kid? Mooo do a beautiful wooden name puzzle that is just the right size for little hands. Of course it’s an educational gift too, so the little person can start to learn their name – the glossy pieces and bright colours are very attractive, both to little people and big people alike (if I had the room, I would so buy one for me!). Plus, hopefully, it’s a unique gift. If anyone else has bought one of these for the new little girl, I will be very annoyed!

Price: Thank you cards $1 each – Name puzzles from $24.95 depending on number of letters
From: mooo.com.au
Why you need them: To demonstrate what good manners you have, and give a charming and special gift to a lucky child.

Picture credit: mooo.com.au

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  1. ♥akisa♥

    October 27, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    I love thank you cards!! I'm an avid card writer but my friends are returning me Xmas messages or Thank You's on Facebook… It's so sad.

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