VB Raw – new beer tastes good; is win

I will admit, I didn’t buy this. Nothing is weirder than receiving a 6-pack of beer in the post – but that’s how I came to be in possession of a 6-pack of VB Raw. Fairly sure I came to be one of the (and I quote) ‘few key people whose opinions we value’ because I was a contributor to inthemix when I had more time to write and stuff, but it could also be because I am just generally awesome.

So yeah, 6-pack of beer in a postage satchel. No press release, no wanky tasting notes – just a cool box with each beer lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and a note instructing me to chill out and share them with my mates. Lucky for me (and them) I have mates who like to drink beer.

So I ascertained that VB Raw was VB’s offering to the low-carb corner of the market. It’s also a stripped back brewing process, using just 4 ingredients – barley, hops, water and yeast. The result is a crisp and easy to drink beer, a little reminiscent of the initial taste of a Coopers and the body of a Crowny. A couple of the boys came around the other night and everyone cracked one. The number one comment was ‘wow, it doesn’t taste like VB’, which I would suggest is a positive thing for VB as they have suffered somewhat of an identity crisis with the wanky, boutique beer drinking, inner city 20-30 year olds (i.e. my friends).

All in all? It’s a solid beer. I would say a mans version of a low carb beer – quite often they lack a strong beer flavour so this is for the bloke who wants to drink a mans beer whilst looking after his 6-pack (beer pun! haha!)

Price: Currently on sale at Dan Murphy’s – $2.90 for a single, $14.99 for a 6-pack and $42.90 for a case
From: Dan Murphy’s, or any other bottle shop
Why you need it: For a hard earned thirst, you need a big cold beer, and the best cold beer is Vic…
PS – check out their fun website

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