These are my breasts. They’re so BIG.

I need a bra to strap them and support because they’re so HUGE they need to be hooked and strapped for support.

If you haven’t seen Superstar with Molly Shannon you probably think I’m nuts, but I’m ok with that. It’s a seriously funny movie though, so you should rent/buy/download. Point is, I have big boobs. And today’s sunshiney-hot weather reminded me that I have a very important public service announcement to make to all my fellow busty ladies.

I love summer, I love hot weather and I love lying by the pool (beach, not so much – not a fan of sand). This of course means swimsuits and, sadly, string bikinis are no friend to anyone over a B or over the age of 21. Thankfully Jets by Jessika Allen do an amaaaaazing range of swimwear that is super high quality and very supportive.

You are looking at spending a pretty penny but I guarantee it’s worth it. I have a Jets bikini I bought almost 3 years ago that still looks new and it’s been to Hawaii with me 4 times, as well as in and out of my heavily chlorinated pool for 2 summers now. Also exciting – the bikini top I bought last year is specially made for D/DD, so it’s flattering, supportive and sufficiently covers the ladies.

Think about it – you spend a fortune on gravity-defying bras that very few people get to appreciate. Why wouldn’t you want a supportive and flattering swimsuit when you wear it in public?

Price: From $59.95 for bottoms (my pick is the twist front pant $69.95- sounds painful, looks pretty) and tops from $69.95 (my pick is the twist front halter at $89.95 – good for the goodies). Their seasonal collections in prints start at a higher price point.
From: David Jones and various other stockists
Why you need them: So you’re not worried about flashing at the beach this summer

Picture credit: my recent trip to Hawaii. Ha!
Pictured: High Seas swimsuit in Marina. One tie side pant and gathered halter with moulded cups

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