Support cancer charities through footwear

These are some of the most awesome charity supporting items I have ever seen! I love me some Dunlop Volleys so I was STOKED when I discovered Dunlop are doing their bit for the Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Foundations. Do I even need to ramble on here? No, no I don’t, because the pictures speak for themselves.

There is pink for the girls and blue for the boys (how gender stereotypical). The girlie Dunlops are white with different shades of pink ribbons or pink all over with white detailing and a couple of smaller ribbons. The lads are dark blue with white detailing, white with blue detailing (classic) and white with various blue ribbons. Really, not only are you doing your bit for charity, but these shoes are awesome cool and will be perfect with denim shorts and Ray-Bans for summer (can you tell I’m thinking about my BDO outfit already?). Whether you want to be out and proud or a little more subtle, your support of these two very important charities means the world to someone who will benefit at the other end.

Price: $29.99
From: KMart and Big W
Why you need them: Wear your heart on your sleeve and your pride on your feet.

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