New Muzak – Example – Watch The Sun Come Up

I can’t believe I haven’t written about Example before considering how obsessed I am with him. Example is a rapper from the UK who does really catchy pop-type tunes with wicked beats and loads of attitude. You can’t really pigeonhole him with a genre because it goes from storytelling a la The Streets (he used to be on The Streets label) to hip hop to jungle to pop. Jungle hop, maybe? Either way it’s catchy and danceable.

His new single is out as of yesterday but here’s the catch…it’s only on UK iTunes which means we can’t buy it here in Aus. Lame? Very lame. But that’s ok because the video is on youtube and if you listen to Radio 1 streaming it’s played on there every 2 hours. I’m all for supporting artists by buying their music though, so you can always buy his last album in the meantime (What We Made released in 2007) or download his free mixtapes from his blog. Fingers crossed his January 2010 album will be available here!

Right…so the new single is Watch The Sun Come Up. I like it – I think it’s going to be a brilliant summer anthem. Frankly if it’s good enough for Tiesto, it’s good enough for me. And then when Example finally hits Australian airwaves, you can say you were already on the bandwagon.

If you have an international iTunes account….
Price: £2.49 for the EP or 79p for the single track
From: UK iTunes
Why you need it: it’s a f%#@ing brilliant tune!

Edit: I found somewhere you can buy it in Australia! – only AU$2.80. Get on it.

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