New Muzak – Chester French (via Shakira)

It’s one of my secret shames, but I really love Shakira’s (not so) new song She Wolf. To save face and rather than just posting her video clip (where she looks amazing! Hello unitard!) this is a bit of a different take on it. Have you heard of Chester French? You might recognise the name if you read gossip magazines – Peaches Geldof was married to the instrumentalist/songwriter Max Drummey. Anyway, they are a sweet pop/rock/alternative hip hop band (incidentally, I love that bands cross genres and can’t be pigeonholed. Makes things more interesting) and the whos who of music are fawning over them and calling them the Next Big Thing. They kind of remind me of MGMT with the whole ‘started the band at uni, smart guys, making cool music and we don’t care vibe’.

Anyway, this is Chester French covering Shakira. I recommend you hunt down their other stuff because it’s really cool.

Chester French debut album Love The Future
Price: US$7.99
From: Their website
Why you need it: Their tunes are fun, and you like fun, right?

PS – If you join their mailing list they send you a free 24 track album of remixes and collaborations.

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