Magazines Go Live, Sydney sees rise in paper people running around

Magazines Go Live – my brain immediately conjured up images of little magazines sprouting arms, legs and little googly eyes. I have no idea how my brain works sometimes. But Magazines Go Live is a big 3 day fun-fun-festival of fashion, beauty, celebrities and music put on by ACP Magazines* as part of their 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty Festival which runs throughout the month of September. Tell me more, I hear you ask, tell me when this amazing spectacular is occuring! It’s this weekend. For reals. Friday, Saturday and Sunday (11, 12, 13).

What you need to know…
Price: $50 BUT it’s buy 1 get 1 free, so really you just need a friend and it’s only $25 and you get a $35 goodie bag so really you make $10 profit if you think about it! (don’t think about it too much)
Where: Royal Hall of Industries at Fox Studios (I refuse to call it Entertainment Quarter – it will always be Fox Studios or The Old Showground to me)
But what if I am a VIP?: Well aren’t you fancy. Lucky for you there is a VIP launch party on the Friday night. Tickets are $295, but again they are BOGOF, so find a buddy and slice that down to $147.50 each. Plus, Chris Isaak is playing and baby, he can do a bad bad thing to me any day.
What’s in it for me?: Apart from the aforementioned goodie bag, there are hourly fashion shows, free manis, hair styling, wine and cocktails, spray tans, palm readings and performances from various musical acts like Ricki-Lee, Cassie Davis, Axle and meet and greets with the Idol top 12 and the boys from Bondi Rescue (incidentally, I saw Dr Chris Brown the Bondi Vet/Bondi lifeguard today and WOW…mouth to mouth please). Basically, it’s a great big girlie frou-frou fest. Leave the boyfriend at home for this one.
The other boring details: Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-8, Sunday 10-6. Tickets from Ticketek.

Why you should go: It will be fun! Who doesn’t love a bit of girlie time with some pampering and fashion.

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*Disclosure: My real life daytime job is at the company hosting this event. If some gorgeous chick approaches you with a clipboard and a video camera, be sure to say hi!

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