London, Paris, New York, Bondi, my shoulder

Have you heard of bagladies? I bought a really awesome bag from bagladies almost 2 years ago and it has served me well. It says my other bags are Prada and I get comments on it every time I carry it. Not that I have carried it recently – I was carrying the bag when I got hit by a car and it copped the bulk of the force (it came under the car with me). So not only are bagladies bags good for carrying things, they are also good for protecting you when you get hit by cars. They should really put that on their website.

Anyway, bagladies have come out with a new bag that is available from today that says London, Paris, New York, Bondi. Snappy, no? It’s simple yet really effective. I am already planning on buying a few for Christmas and sending them to friends overseas. The bags are made from a beautiful heavy 100% cotton canvas so they can stand up to almost everything (car tyres notwithstanding) and you’ll get years of use out of your bag – a worthwhile investment.

Also cool – this bag is the first in the “little fish” series of totes so make sure you keep an eye on the bagladies website because they will be running a competition to find the next town/place/city to appear on future bags in the series.

Price: $29.95
From: The bagladies website
Why you need it: To carry your stuff to work/gym/supermarket/beach. Green bags are so last year – carry your stuff in style.

Picture credit: bagladies

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