Calvin Harris – Not Ready For The Weekend, needs to work on his outfit a bit more

I’m a big Calvin Harris fan. I have been to see him play a few times (live and DJ), have his last album, know all the words to all of his songs and was genuinely excited for his new album. He isn’t good doing DJ sets, but he is great with his band and a dynamo producer/remixer. Sadly, his latest album is not so…well…good.

Honestly, the beats are wicked. You can’t fault his kicking basslines and grinding rhythms. But the lyrics, as my lovely friend in her posh English accent says, are a bit pants. (when you say something is pants you have to say it with an English accent – it’s like a rule or something). Disappointment City, population: me. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few tracks that are stand outs. The single that has been getting radio airplay all year – I’m Not Alone – is great. Dance Wiv Me is also on there, which I love, and The Rain is great if you don’t concentrate too hard on the lyrics. But beyond that the bad lyrics are just too distracting.

Price: $16.99
From: iTunes
Why you need it: Go for it if you’re a fan, looking to remix his tunes or love cheesy pop.

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