You need the beats, baby

Speaking of music (and running), this is one of my favourite purchases this winter. I have been training for this city2surf (which is this weekend…eek) and that means lots of hours pounding the paths in Centennial Park. Since you already know about my weird obsession with pretending I’m in a music video clip when I run, let’s skip over that and just reiterate the importance of having a good soundtrack when you go running. Of course, the greatest soundtrack in the world is no good to you when your ear buds keep falling out because they are sweaty or don’t fit properly. Eww.

I had the genius idea of sitting my earphones inside a headband when I run to keep my ears warm and keep my earbuds in place. Turns out someone had already gone one better. Halo headphones are round disc speakers that sit inside a headband and you adjust them to the right place for your ears. They are incredibly comfortable, perfect for running, comfortable to wear in bed and I’m looking forward to wearing them on a long haul red-eye flight I will be taking in a couple of weeks (more on that later). The jack is the right size for an ipod plus it comes with an adaptor so you can use it on planes. Practical. The sound quality is incredible too. You would think for speakers inside fabric it might be a little muffled, but I was pleasantly impressed. Kudos, Halo. You certainly made getting up in the morning to go running that little bit easier.

Price: $49.95
From: Myer, Paddington Markets, Halo website (all stockists listed, or buy online)
Why you need it: For warm ears and rockin beats

Picture credit: – and that is totally what I look like when I go running

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