War and Peace? No. Wall and Piece.

How much do you know about art? I’ll be honest…I don’t know my impressionists from my surrealists, but I know what I like and I can appreciate talent and passion. My walls are a mixture of photos I have taken myself, a canvas I painted, some vintage and retro posters and an art print that I couldn’t tell you how it was done but I know it looks great on my wall. One of my favourite forms of art, and something that is sadly lacking from said walls, is street art. And of course the ultimate in street art is Banksy.

I’m not going to give you a lesson who Banksy is (not many people truly know) or what he does. I’m not great with art writing…I get the heebie jeebies because my year 8 art teacher hated me and thus made me hate writing about art. Weird, I know. But suffice to say Banksy is the man who spurned a thousand copy-cat street stencilers. His work is witty, creative and always has an underlying commentary on political or social issues. Essentially, his work is still illegal (it is “vandalism” after all) and yet he raises property prices and brightens communities with his work. The ultimate paradox; he fights establishment and yet publishes his book through Random House.

Anyway, Wall and Piece is a fabulous coffee table book. A complete, comprehensive collection of Banksy’s catalogue from all over the world with commentary that gives you an insight into how his mind works.

Price: $40.95
From: Borders
Why you need it: To be inspired and astonished. Although hopefully not enough to go out and illegally vandalise a building yourself. That’s probably not the best idea.

Picture credit: borders.com.au

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