Travel in Naked style

If you have travelled in the last year or so, you know what a P.I.T.A. (pain in the ass) it is getting your 30ml liquids into your ziploc bag. I can totally see the point of the exercise, but a ziploc bag is not stylish. I did a 4 week trip last year that involved going through security 7 times, and after the first week my ziploc bag was all yucky and tattered and it eventually tore and couldnt contain my 30ml bottles anymore and…sigh…unglam. Unglam, my friends.

So slightly changing the subject (bear with me, this is going somewhere), have you seen those Borne Naked handbag liners? They are a plastic organiser that slips into your handbag and keeps all your essentials accessible and in order (phone ringing and can’t find the damn thing? and where are those keys!!). You would probably recognise the Borne Naked range if you saw them because of the awesome pin-up girl packaging. Delicious.

So, finally making my way to my point, Borne Naked are now doing a smaller sized bag, a.k.a. Baby Borne, which is the right dimensions for travelling. So of course it is perfect for me as I’m going overseas today (hear that? it’s the sound of me rubbing it in). One of the other things I love is since it is plastic, I can just wipe it out clean when my deodorant pops with the in-flight pressure and makes a mess everywhere (yes, this has happened to me before. Twice).

Pros: it will last longer than a ziploc bag; it can be wiped clean; it keeps my documents and personal affects neat and tidy; it looks glam

Cons: you can write on ziploc bags in permanent marker

Price: $24.95 for the small size, $29.95 for medium (handbag size) and $34.95 for the large size (tote bag or beach bag)
From: Hart & Heim or any of the other stockists listed on the website
Why you need it: I figure if you look stylish going through airport security, they are less likely to think you are a terrorist. Yes?

Picture credit: Borne Naked

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