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Planning a purchase is almost as good as shopping itself. Don’t you agree? I love flicking through mags and marking the things I want to buy, visiting websites, creating wishlists and then fantasising about the moment I hand the credit card over (then I also fantasise about paying the credit card off, but that’s a whole other post). I’m off to Hawaii in 2 weeks so my current lust list comes straight from Sephora. I thought I had waxed lyrical about Sephora before, but a quick search of my own blog reveals that, no, I have not.

Sephora is a chain of beauty stores in the U.S., France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Asia (750 stores in 21 countries – basically anywhere that isn’t Australia) and they stock every possible label you can imagine at really affordable prices. Like, cheap. Benefit for half the price you pay here. Same as Clinique. And they carry brands like Urban Decay and Kate Somerville that you can’t find in Aus. In a few weeks time I am going to have a whole new batch of stuff to review.

One of my staple beauty products is nail polish. I feel naked if I leave the house without nail polish. So imagine how excited I was last August when Sephora launched a line of polishes in conjunction with OPI. When the line launched there were 54 colours, and they have now added seasonal collections too, like Digital Diva, Autumn & Eve and Mermaid in the Shade. You know that Jade is THE colour of the season (what? you didn’t? best pop over to PRIMPED and read up on it) but if, like me, you struggle to justify the price tag of Chanel nail polish, or you just don’t get on the waiting list in time (yes, there is a waiting list for a nail polish…crazy) then there are some lovely alternatives from OPI. Like Go On Green! (pictured left), which is a bit brighter and more shimmery (shimmerier? did I just make up a word?) than the Chanel jade but still a luscious shade and very on trend. Or if you want to take your green up a notch, go for Ocean Love Potion (pictured right) which is beautiful blue-green with cool tones and bright pigments which will look great against a (fake) summer tan. It’s on my wishlist.

Price: OPI polish is $AUD19.95 in Australia, $USD9 in the States
From: David Jones in Aus, Sephora in the States
Why you need it: Green polish is on trend, didn’t you know? Just be careful with the colour you pick…green can be glorious, but it can also look like fungus.

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