Lindt-y goodness and vice versa

Do you remember Vice Versas chocolates? I have searched high and low (aka: youtube) for a copy of the ad, but it seems I’m out of luck. It was a catchy tune “they’re brown, they’re white, they’re brown, they’re white, no no, they’re brown, they’re white, they’re brown, they’re white…they’re brown, they’re white, they’re brown, they’re white“. That’s some advertising genius right there. Anyway, they were amazing little chocolates; like giant m&m’s with a milk shell and a white filling and then vice versa (white shell, milk filling). Is there anything better than mixing milk and white chocolate? As a fan of Top Deck, I say no.

So imagine my sheer and utter delight that Lindt are now doing a Lindt Ball that is milk on the outside with that special gooey Lindt ball filling of white chocolate on the inside. Imagine!! So good. The white balls always seem to be smooth and soft on the inside, while sometimes the milk and dark go harder in cold weather. Do you find that?

This is a limited edition line (although how limited is limited?). The box is a pastel green and the wrappers on the balls are a minty green with little flowers. Tres cute.

Price: $12
From: Supermarkets
Why you need them: They are so so yum! They would probably make a great gift, but that’s assuming you don’t eat them all before you gave them away.

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  1. Shaybear

    September 10, 2009 at 3:22 am

    Ooh these look delis'! I adore Lindt balls and Top Deck – looks like I'm in good company. 😀

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