I heart Marc Jacobs

Truly. I heart Marc Jacobs. Me and MJ…we’re tight.

This is definitely one of the most exciting purchases I have made in a while. (Fickle? Me?) Every season Marc by Marc Jacobs puts out a seasonal collection catalogue and a tote bag with it. So you get to own a Marc by MJ tote for cheapsies! I have been toting (ha) around my Spring/Summer 2008 tote for aaaaaages (the black and white one on the left). I use it to carry my lunch, haul my gym gear and even as a handbag every now and then. So SUPER EXCITEMENT +++ that the new 2009 Fall/Winter collection magazine with tote bag is now available. It really doesn’t matter to me that 95% of the magazine is in Japanese (that’s the mag just below with the flowers on it). So what? The pictures are pretty. It’s their most recent ads, the new collection, pics and bios of the M by MJ staff and some other stuff which I’m sure is very interesting. Total visual fashion porn. On that note, let’s make this post less about words and more about pictures.

The bag itself is black canvas with a cute apple and heart pattern and an inside pocket (see just above on the right). It’s bigger than the previous bag I had too, so will be beach appropriate as well as gym, shopping and generally just being awesome.

Honestly, where else could you buy Marc by Marc Jacobs so cheaply?!

Price: $29.68 (yes…68c)
From: Kinokuniya (so 10% off if you have a K card)
Why you need it: for the Marc by Marc Jacobs tote! Oh, and I’m sure it’s an awesome read if you can read Japanese.

Picture credit: my Canon Ixus 85IS and awesome skillz (yes, skillz with a z)

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