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You know how much I love magazines, right? I adore the smell and the feel of a brand new mag, all glossy and inviting. Pages filled with pretty, shiny things for me to ooh and aah over. When it comes to my glossy titles, I have my favourites but I like to read most of them. Some have been getting better with age, like the new Shop Til You Drop that came out today. I’m not religious at all, but that magazine is my bible. I had a quick flick this afternoon and I have already spotted half a dozen things I will be investing in. This mag never lets me down and is a budgeted-for purchase every month. (Review to come soon i.e. once I read it!)

Other titles have been up and down recently, producing amazing content one month and then average the next. How many times does a mag have to be average before it falls out of the routine? Harper’s Bazaar used to be a favourite of mine and then each month I was more and more disappointed until I skipped a few months and it was out of the routine. But I love Grazia and I always enjoyed Edwina McCann’s columns, so I figured new editor, new leaf and I gave Harper’s Bazaar another chance this month. I was pleasantly surprised.

What I liked (in point form):

  • It flowed really well. Everything was in a logical order and was like a good book that you couldn’t put down.
  • Great variety in the fashion shoots. I love Christine Centenera’s styling for the drama and Mark Vassallo’s for the quirkiness so it was nice having one spread from each of them plus one from Claudia Navone. Having all the shoots from different people means you get a bunch of different perspectives on fashion.
  • Interesting features – loved the Trips To Take Now travel piece (planning a yoga retreat to Thailand in my imagination) and What Your Clothes Say About You (very very funny).
  • I liked the Sienna Miller photo shoot. Don’t tell anyone because I normally don’t like Sienna, but the photo spread was kind of amazing.
  • I actually flagged things to buy/websites to visit/things to read again. The sign of a great magazine to me is how many page corners I turn down, and there were plenty of bent pages when I was done.

Will I buy Harper’s Bazaar again next month? Quite possibly. Was I pleased with this issue? Definitely. Would I recommend it? Pick one up on the next visit to the newsagents.

Price: $7.95
From: supermarket or newsagent
Why you need it: To drool over amazing fashion and be inspired by glam styling. I may never be able to afford anything in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, but I always take a few extra minutes picking an outfit the day after I read it.

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