Get liquored with lychee!

Bottom’s up! The bar closest to my workplace is currently serving Paraiso Bliss as the cocktail of the month and YUM! Also known as a Midori Bliss, this tasty treat is Paraiso lychee liqueur, Midori melon liqueur, orange juice and cranberry juice. You know that yummy Golden Circle breakfast juice? It tastes just like that. Which is of course dangerous when you are consuming alcoholic beverages. When it tastes good and doesn’t taste like alcohol, you can consume far too much (not that I have done that…erm).
The recipe, if you are that way inclined, is as follows:
30ml Midori
30ml Paraiso Lychee Liqueur
45ml orange juice
45ml cranberry juice
Build over ice
No mixers, shakers or fancy glasses required. Talk about idiot-proof!
Everyone knows about Midori (I assume you’ve seen the Welcome to Greenland ads?), but Paraiso isn’t as well known. Definitely one you should hunt down before summer. Lychee is the perfect flavour for warmer weather so I’m predicting big things! Can you imagine Lychee liqueur over ice with cranberry or pineapple juice? Drool…

Price: Paraiso – $35-40 depending on where you purchase
From: Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars or First Choice. Your local grog shop can also order it in.
Why you need it: So that you can pretend summer is already here (or if you live in Qld, that may well be the case)

Picture credit: Suntory Australia

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