Fruitylicious fingers!!

You know what I did on my lunchbreak today? I ate a salad, bought a Travel Ten bus ticket and spent $75 on nail polish. What’s so special about that? Well, a Travel Ten saves you 10% on the price of bus travel! Ha! I kid. It was a really great salad though (poached chicken…and I added some pear for extra zing).

So the nail polish thing…Revlon released their brand new super shiny, fruity, delicious range of limited edition nail polishes today. So what? People put out new nail polishes all the time? Dude! These are scented! Remember those smelly textas you had as a kid? Like that, but way more grown up.

There are 8 different colours and they come in packs of 3 (which means I have two of 1 colour, but I can deal with that). The packs are valued at $41.85 but save your pesos, because they are retailing for $24.95. Get in super-quick though, because they are li.mi.ted e.dit.ion.

Each set is themed; Sweet Treats, which is Coconut Crush (pearly white), Sublime Strawberry (girly pink with a hint of glitter) and Raspberry Rapture (kick ass raspberry pink); Fruit Salad, which is Mad About Mango (coral), Pretty in Papaya (an orange-y pink) and Mon Cherry (cerise-y cherry) and finally Berry Burst, which is Raspberry Rapture (as before), Passionate Fruit (vivid purple) and Not So Blueberry (pearly purple with blue tones).The scents should be pretty self explanatory from the names (like Pretty in Papaya would totally smell like chocolate…). The nail polishes don’t smell in the bottle, oh no. Take a whiff and you get a nostril full of regular old nail polish stink. But as soon as the brush hits your nail the fragrance is released. Right now my nails are a rainbow of colours and each time I move my fingers close to my face I catch a whiff of fruity goodness.

I’ll be honest – I have no idea how long the fragrance lasts. But I do know that you can smell the polish through a top coat. The weirdest thing about scented nail polish? People smelling your fingers.

Price: $24.95 for a set of 3 (with 3 sets in all)
From: Priceline
Why you need them: To inject some fruity fun into your life with some tropical summer colours (to match this weird summer weather we are having?)

Picture credit: the greatest photographer in the world…me

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  1. Esz

    August 25, 2009 at 10:57 am

    They are the most gimmicky awesome thing ever! And to think, David Jones has a Revlon Gift With Purchase thingo coming up. Eeeeee….Not like I NEED new makeup. Oh dear.

  2. ShopGirl

    August 25, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    I was gutted…I bought these and THEN got the email about the free gift offer.

    I swear, these gimmicky products were designed for suckers like me.

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