Exfoliate with Kate, or ExfoliKate

Did you think I was just being a smart ass with the header? Well, it’s the name of the product, so ner.

You know, it’s not really fair that I even make this post since it’s a product that isn’t available in Australia at all (please prove me wrong though. My email address is on the right hand side of the page).

Kate Somerville is a skincare GENIUS. She is well respected in the beauty biz for developing the Skin Health Pyramid and developing her own range of products that she uses on her celebrity clients in her very exclusive Melrose Place clinic (I wonder if she knows Dr Michael and Amanda?).

Kate has dozens of products in her range, but the one in particular that I can’t live without (big call) is ExfoliKate☺ Intensive Exfoliating Treatment (yes, it has the smiley face in the brand name). This is the signature product that she uses for her facials. Since ExfoliKate☺ is an intensive exfoliating treatment (hence the name), I only use it once or twice a week. It’s full of fruit enzymes, which tingle away to remove dead skin and eliminate bacteria and blackheads, while also polishing skin to give a healthy, dewy glow. No kidding, my skin always looks AMAZING after I use this. You rub it in for about 20 seconds and then leave it to do its thang for another 30-60 seconds. I have pretty sensitive skin too, so some scrubs are total chaos for me, but I have never had a problem with this one.

Sadly, you need to wait til your best friend/sister/neighbour/work colleague next goes to America so they can grab it for you, and it is a little exxy, but you use the tiniest amount that I have been sitting on my current tube for months (and ran out last week…timing!)

Price: USD$85 for 60ml or USD$175 for 150ml
From: Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus
Why you need it: Healthy, dewy skin is never out of fashion

Picture credit: Katesomerville.com

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  1. Shaybear

    September 10, 2009 at 3:14 am

    Dear GOD I wish Sephora shipped to Australia. 😐

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