Dirty hair in a can

Ok, so you know how obsessed I am with Batiste dry shampoo, right? I mean…obsessed. As an aside, if anyone happens to know where I can get the mini travel sized cans of Batiste please let me know.

I love using dry shampoo because it gets me some extra sleep in time, an extra day out of the blow dry and smells great. The thing with dry shampoo is, it is quite often a white powder (as Batiste is) and the only way I have found to effectively get it out of my brown hair is using my Mason Pearson brush. I don’t like carrying my expensive Mason Pearson in my gym bag for fear of losing it (it was a gift from my late Grandfather and those brushes deserve to be treated with the utmost respect), so my quandry is – what happens when I go to the gym for a lunchtime workout?

Last week I picked up kms hairplay makeover spray. Not sure why I did, but why do I ever buy anything? It was an impulse purchase, justified by the fact that I have had some success with kms products in the past. Also, it smells really good and I’m a sucker for anything that smells like grape and peppermint. It isn’t as hardcore as dry shampoo so I’m not using it to get an extra day out of my blowdry, but it is light enough that I don’t need to brush it out after I spray it in. Which means (drumroll) it’s perfect for the gym bag! A few sprays and then a quick blast with the hairdryer and my hair has that lovely matte texture thats SHRN (so hot right now) and it has a bit more body and movement. I find it works particularly well to bring my hair back to life if I have previously styled it using kms hairplay sea salt spray. Also grape and peppermint scented (yum), I spray the sea salt spray in to wet hair and then when I blowdry, it gives it texture (clearly it’s all about texture right). Moral of the story? Cats certainly don’t like leashes and will scratch you when you try to put one on. And it’s all about texture in hair right now.

Price: both from $28, depending where you shop
From: selected salons, or catwalk.com.au
Why you need it: texxxxxxxture!

Picture credit: kmscalifornia.com

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