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You know what really sucks about travelling? Jet lag. You spend the first couple of days of your holiday trying to shake that fuzzy-headed feeling and then when you get home it’s hard to enjoy your post holiday glow when you don’t know your head from your ass (or maybe that’s just me…).

There are lots of ways to beat jet lag (or JL, as the cool kids call it). Obviously if you take a night flight (as I just did), you try and sleep as much as you can. But when you leave Sydney at 7pm and get to your destination at 4am Sydney time, you end up just a little thrown out. Seriously though, I’m in Hawaii. I don’t have time to sleep (nap by the pool notwithstanding). I have always been a believer in vitamins and health supplements, so I’m bouncing back by giving myself a goodness injection (which is different to a literal injection; less needles).

FSparkle is a vitamin, mineral and herb supplement designed to boost your energy levels and give your eyes that rude shade of health you often get from relaxing on a desert island. Each little tablet is loaded with vitamins (heaps of the B group), electrolytes (which I know are good from watching sports drink ads) and herbs (like green tea which is ace, and 3 different kinds of ginseng). If you want to get technical and study the ingredient list, they are all listed on their website. Me? I just know they make me feel great. They come in a cute little box that looks like a packet of teabags (looks cute on your desk? tick) and each sachet has 2 tablets in it, which is just the right amount to go with a huge glass of water.

Price: $20 for a box of 20
From: Pulse Pharmacy and other chemists and health food stores
Why you need it: A bit of sparkle and energy? Yes please.

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