Wrapped up in pink

Is there any greater joy in life than receiving a parcel in the mail? Well, yes, there probably is. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t super exciting when a package lands on your desk/in your mail box/at the post office. The initial surprise, the anticipation of opening the bag, the delight at pulling out the contents. No matter how big or small the package, I still get shivers of excitement (goodness me that sounded dirty, didn’t it?).

So speaking of parcels, I got one today. Woohoo! Victoria’s Secret! I bought two bras from Victoria’s Secret when I was in San Fran last year and they are the best bras I have ever owned. Naturally after 10 months solid wear it’s getting close to replacement time, so I took that gamble and ordered another two online. I figured that since hauling my buns into Myer or BnT here is such a drama because I can never find anything that fits, then I may as well order online from a brand that I know has an exact fit. Plus, the dollar is good at the moment and even with the cost of shipping it is equal to what I would spend on one expensive or two cheaper bras here anyway. Add that to the fact that VS are having huge sales and gift offers; we might not be able to get the free shipping because we are international, but the bargains are worth it and all their summer stock is going for a song right now.

Bonus gift: when you order online they send you a catalogue. Boyfriend loves me even more now!

Price: bras from $20, panties from $5, swimsuits and summer dresses from $15
From: www.victoriassecret.com
Why you need to shop here: Awesomeness! That’s about it really. OH! And I bought some amazing body oil spray from here that smells like candy (called Candy, Baby) and it makes me smelled like boiled lollies.

Picture credit: That’s me in the picture! I lie – www.victoriassecret.com
It’s the Body by Victoria Ipex Full Coverage Bra and it’s very comfortable, thank you

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