Peachy delight

There is nothing I love more than a fresh face – dewy skin, clean eyes, long lashes and a gentle flush to the cheeks. I have always been a powder blush girl, mainly because I have never found a cream that I actually like or that I can apply without looking like bozo. But goodness me that has all changed. I scored a beautiful Becca lip and cheek creme in tuberose (aka watermelon pink) last week and it has changed my makeup routine. No kidding.

First up, the packaging is delicious. It almost looks like a bath plug, it’s rubbery so I can’t smash it (clumsy) and it has a mirror inside for convenient touch ups. Big tick.

The colour suits my skin tone perfectly – I’m calling it makeup destiny (or kismet, simply because kismet is a really cool word). Has that ever happened to you? When you stumble across a product and it is just so perfect it’s as if the makeup gods were just willing the two of you to meet. Anyway, it goes on really easily (another big tick); two little finger swirls in the cream and the heat of my finger softens it just enough so that it is right texture to apply. A few dabs on the apple of each cheek and the colour just seems to melt into place (a good melt, not a bad melt). I also love that it doesn’t have shimmer in it so it looks fresh without looking whoreish (I can’t do shimmer on my cheeks…I always look like a hooker) and it has great pigment so the colour lasts for hours. What else do you need?

I will say though – I’m not so much a fan on my lips. Maybe it’s because it’s winter and I’m a little dryer, but the consistency just doesn’t seem to translate to lips. Cest la vie – it’s still going to be a staple product.

Price: $46
Why you need it: A cream blush that’s easy to apply and a great naturally flush colour

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  1. Esz

    July 23, 2009 at 11:45 am

    Looks lovely that stuff! My friend swears by Becca for her foundation.

    As for me – I've bought about 3 blushes that are that exact shade! Seems to be the colour I gravitate to. Doh!

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