I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before but I am obsessed with cooking. And possibly one of the only things I am more obsessed with than cooking is cookbooks. Now I’m no Chris Badenoch (that’s a Masterchef reference right there) but I do have over 50 cookbooks and a host of insane cooking utensils (everyone needs a piping bag with 8 different nozzles). Anyway, so I picked up a new cookbook the other day that was just so damn cute I couldn’t not share.

Cupcakes by Colour from The Australian Women’s Weekly. There is just something special about Women’s Weekly cookbooks. You know the recipes are always going to work. You trust them. They are the cookbooks that Mum and Nan used to use. I grew up in a household full of Women’s Weekly cookbooks and I know my Mum still has dozens of them and uses them quite frequently and the same goes for my almost-mother-in-law. Side note: I bought my almost-mother-in-law two Women’s Weekly cookbooks for Mother’s Day. They make kickass gifts.

Speaking of gifts, I bought said cupcake book for myself and for a 25th birthday gift last week. See! I told you they are good pressies. Everyone loves a cupcake.

So this particular book is full of insanely super-cute cupcake decorating ideas and recipes. Not only does it look good on the shelf, but cupcakes are good for any occasion and you will be the most popular person in the room if you rock in with a plate of sweet, sugary goodness. Trust me, I know. It happens to me ALL THE TIME. Although my signature treats are triple choc brownies (Women’s Weekly recipe) and turkish delight rocky road (Frankie recipe), I can still rock a mean cupcake when the occasion calls for it.

What was I saying? Oh yeah…I guarantee this would be a killer gift for either yourself or someone else.

Price: $24.95
From: Newsagents, bookstores, magshop
Why you need it: So you can make amazing cupcakes. Simple as that.

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