I can haz LOLs?

Ok, so you know LOLcats, right? What? you don’t? Are you the only person on the internet who doesn’t? So many questions!

I Can Has Cheezburger
is an internet phenomenon where pictures of cats are given funny captions in broken english. It’s a fairly simple formula but it never fails to make me chuckle on a daily basis. Call me simple, but I like cats and the funny things they do. So anyway, Boyfriend and I like to check cheezburger together and we are always talking about the cat we want to buy when we eventually move to a bigger place (grey, boy, smush-face called Gus) so I thought a cheezburger themed gift was appropriate for whatever the last occasion was that we celebrated.

Cut to the ICHC gift shop and a set of LOL-speak magnets. So now our fridge is covered in tiny little broken-english words that make absolutely no sense to anyone who isn’t familiar with my cat-caption obsession (Mother:”why is there a magnet that says pew pew pew on your fridge?”). They are also marginally more appropriate than the ZOO Weekly themed words on the fridge at work – when I went to get the milk out this morning, the fridge told me it liked ‘brothel dwarf condom sex’. Confronting.

Price: US$11.99 + about $8 shipping
From: LOLmart
Why you need it: to turn all the pictures on your fridge into hilarious memes

Picture credit: LOLmart.com

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