Carry on good chaps

I have lived in my current house for 2.5 years, but it has been constantly evolving from the day we walked in. The couches are mismatched, and so is most of the furniture. But piece by piece I have made it my own (our own?). I sanded and painted one of my bookshelves and the coffee table, I built a wine rack (essential), we have framed and hung various pictures from our trips and the shelves have gradually filled with sentimental pieces that bring enjoyment just by being there. My Mamma bought me the most amazing matryoshka dolls in Russia but since I didn’t buy them I don’t know if I will post about them. Maybe I’ll put a pic up soon.

Anyway, I love having art on the walls. One wall is covered in trip pics, one has the most gorgeous vintage prints of cats we picked up at some markets in the financial district of NYC, one has vintage Disney pictures (which I finally had framed after 8 years) and now I am proudly hanging my latest acquisition.

Keep Calm And Carry On was originally designed as a british wartime propoganda slogan during 1939. It was commissioned to relay to the people off Britain that all was well and that everything was being done to prepare the country for the war. Sadly, the poster was never officially issued but turned up 50 years later in an auction and the rest, as they say, is history. Cut to Lark Handmade, who make the most delicious and whimsical products. Based on a cornerstone of recycled, hand made, organic, fair trade and sweatshop free, you feel good about buying their products and know that you are supporting a quality Australian company run by real people who care enough to try and make a difference. Gives you the warm and fuzzies. Lark have produced a range of Keep Calm And Carry On merchandise like tote bags, buttons, mugs and aprons, but I was instantly smitten with the poster. It fits perfectly into the Ribba frame from Ikea (as pictured) but I have popped mine into the 50×70 Fjallsta (also from Ikea) so it has a nice thick black border. It looks amazing with the red and the black together and reminds me everyday to keep calm and, funnily enough, carry on. Nothing like art that inspires you, right?!

From: Lark Handmade
Price: $19.95 + shipping
Why you need it: Everyone needs art on their walls and it’s a great conversation starter

From: Ikea
Price: $59 for the Fjallsta, $49 for the Ribba
Why you need them: Art needs to be framed!

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