Tough love

Did you know Supre in the city were closing down? The big one in the Gowings building? Well, they were but now they aren’t. Fascinating.

So I went down there the other week to grab some basics at a bargain price (side note: not so bargain-y). I normally only wear Old Navy tanks, but the Supre ones are alright for layering, so why not, eh? Plus their leggings are fine for the gym. Anyway, whilst perusing the wares I came across the belt! Yes! Back story: there is a girl who works on my level with exceptional dress sense. For many weeks she was accessorising her cute skirts and ballet flat outfits with a very cool studded belt that has an unusual clasp. Where did she get that awesome belt? I would often ask myself, probably from ebay or somewhere exotic like NYC. Nope. Turns out it was Supre. Darn her! So now I am torn between “aha! I know your secret” and “I am part of your cool inner sanctum accessorising from Supre as well”. It’s a fine balancing act.

I wear mine spun around so that the clasp is at the back and it’s all studs all the time across the front. Business at the back, party at the front. I bet no one else has ever thought of something so original.

Price: $18. Seriously!
From: Supre
Why you need it: For total studded awesomeness. Toughen up a floral skirt of LBD.

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