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So I am clearly on some sort of stud roll at the moment, because after acquiring aformentioned stud belt I also came to own the most gorgeous silver stud cuff and a lovely hardware-adorned dress (birthday present from Mum so might not count as Stuff That I Bought, but I did choose it plus, hey, it’s my blog).

I bought this gorgeous Samantha Wills cuff from one of my favourite stores for jewellery, Mushu on Crown St. Pricey, but the kind of thing you rationalise with a cost per wear ratio and the knowledge it may someday be a family heirloom (a little dramatic, but I had to convince Boyfriend it was worth the outlay). My wrists are the only part of me that are truly skinny, so I jam that sucker up my forearm and admire it every morning on the bus trip to work. It comes off as soon as I get there because it just bashes against the desk and gets in the way, but I love the half an hour I get to spend with it to and from work every day.

Price: $75

From: Mushu on Crown St, but also available at Samantha Wills online store

Why you need it: Because it is pretty. Why else do you buy jewellery?

Picture credit: Samantha Wills website

So not only did I get the gorgeous cuff, but I also got a really cute dress for my birthday. You know when you walk into a store, see something and just know instantly that it will be yours. Before I had even gotten to the change room I was picturing where I would be wearing it, what bags and shoes it would be teamed with and would I be able to wear my stud cuff or belt with my stud dress (the answer is no…one stud piece per outfit).

Don’t Ask Amanda do some really lovely, functional, and very wearable pieces and they are my brand of choice whenever I venture into a General Pants store. Not only that, they are affordable and good quality too, which should always be important factors when making wardrobe purchases. I’m not going to lecture, but you should have a good balance of quality basics, investment pieces and cheaper trends. Do I sound like a fashion magazine? I have probably just read too many of them. It is my job after all.

What was I saying? Oh right; dress. Isn’t it lovely? It has had a few spins around the block already and does the trick nicely. Thanks Mum!

Price: $99.95

From: General Pants

Why you need it: Everyone needs an LBD and this puts a quirky spin on a basic silhouette.

Picture credit: General pants website

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  1. eskimojo

    August 19, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    There is a rip off of this dress in white in one of the shops across from my building right now – makes me think of you each time I walk past!

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