The Big Sleep Easy

What I really want to tell you about is my supercute new pair of red patent quilted Steve Madden flats that I picked up 50% off at the Steve Madden store in Melbourne. Do you think I can find a picture of them anywhere online? No…no picture anywhere, dammit. But that’s ok, because I had a MAMMOTH shopping weekend thanks to the MyerONE members discount offer. Boyfriend and I tallied up a buttload worth of goodies (almost all of it was mine) and I am psyched to tell you about a purchase I made that I should have made months, nay, years ago.

A pillow. A super-fantastic-wonderful pillow full of chiropractic-y goodness.

Why get excited over a pillow? Background: I have a bung back. Lower back, middle back, shoulders, neck…it’s all there and it’s all wrong. By the time I get into bed at night I’m like a creaky old lady. I know you’re thinking, ‘who writes this blog?! I thought she was a hot and sexy young thing’ (I know you’re thinking that). Sad but true. I can do all sorts of stretches and exercises for my back, but I struggle with my neck and shoulders. Maybe I am sleeping funny?

On the recommendation of my genius chiropractor I bought a Denton’s Low Profile pillow. Expensive, but damn worth it. It hugs my head gently when I sleep and keeps me all aligned. Sounds cushy, right? It’s a beautiful foam pillow with a 5 year guarantee and 2 different covers on it (I drool, so 2 covers is better than 1…too much information?).

The good news: I have slept like a baby ever since I got it.

The better news: Big Brother is back next week.

The best news: I’m going to Hawaii in 40 sleeps.

Price: $74.95
From: Myer
Why you need it: For a super comfortable sleep with a beautifully supported neck.

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