Stuff I haven’t bought, due to other peoples incompetence

I’m an advocate for trying new things, especially when it comes to shopping. Especially shopping online. Ebay? Win. International ordering? Go for it. Grocery shopping online? In theory, yes. Now, I’m not so sure. Case in point: I order my weeks worth of groceries and make sure I am going to be home during my delivery window. Sounds simple, right? The driver turns up with my order and it’s one plastic bag. Hmmm…that’s odd I think, Maybe the rest is in his truck downstairs. No, it wasn’t. My order was 2 pages and the picker only bothered to pick the first page. So I call the customer service line and they inform me that they have run out of fruit and vegetables. Excuse me?! What sort of multi-national grocery store runs out of fruit and vegetables?! I was asking or carrots and potatoes, not peruvian quiona. Turns out the top half of page 2 of my order was the fruit and veg, and since the picker couldn’t get the fruit and veg, they just gave up and sent off what they could be bothered getting.

So I had to be home the next day when they sent the rest of the groceries and then I still had to go out to get the fruit and veg. Turned one simple exercise into a two day inconvenience.

Moral of the story: Don’t order fruit and vegetables from multi-national grocery chains. They have probably run out.

Not a happy shopping experience.
And the world does not need unhappy shopping experiences.

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