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New post? Yeah, well, I haven’t been buying much lately because it was my birthday. That means people bought things for me and I didn’t have to open my wallet. Win.

In fact, the only thing I have been buying lately is books (oh, so many books!) and it’s really difficult to write about books until after I have read them, isn’t it. I can’t exactly come on here and wax lyrical about some great book I bought because it has a pretty cover (quite often the catalyst for a book purchase) and then, when it turns out to be poo, I look silly! No no, today I’m just talking beauty.

As I may or may not have mentioned before, I am very very finicky when it comes to my lips being super-hyper plump and hydrated. I am very particular about what goes on them and how they feel. Cue Shizen Lip Hydrating Serum. You don’t want to go overboard with the serum (like I did, and I learnt my lesson) but sometimes you just want to drink down the whole bottle because it tastes like lemon drop lollies. They were one of my favourite lollies as a kid. I remember going to buy a little bag of them for 10c from the corner store. But I digress. You simply put one little drop on your lip, let it absorb in, and apply your regular balm/lipstick/gloss whatever. Lovely! Smooth lips in no time. I get really bad dry lips in winter so I will be keeping this baby on my desk at work.

Also on my desk at work, Shizen Rose Hydrating Mist. I use rosehip oil on my face morning and night so I know the power of the rose and was delighted when I stumbled across this. The air con in my office is intense (and it doesn’t help that I sit under a vent) so when it’s cold, it’s really cold and when it’s hot, it’s really hot. Never just right. Goldilocks would be most displeased. So this horrible air con dries out my already dry skin but I still need to look fresh and alert and totally not cranky when I have to go to meetings and presentations. So I give a couple of sprays of this lovely mist, packed with vitamin E and green tea. It has a slight rose scent, so you feel glamorous and old school, and it’s totally organic so you know it’s the goods.

Everything Shizen is putting out at the moment is 100% organic and the packaging is recycled. So you can be beautiful and save the world. And we like that, don’t we.

Price: lip serum – $24.95 hydrating mist – $21.95
From: www.adorebeauty.com.au (other stockists listed on the shizen website)
Why you need it: To be hydrated and glowy and just plain luscious. You like to look your best, don’t you?

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