There’s a lesson in there…

I have been contemplating this entry for quite some time now, trying to figure out exactly how to put into words what this book means.

After coming to realise she didn’t want to be stuck in the life she was in, Gilbert packs her bags and heads off to Italy, India and Indonesia to find herself through eating, meditating, balance and reflecting on what pleasure means. What ensues is a beautiful journey where she encounters all the people who will help her find herself and set her in the direction of what she really wants. She writes in a light and casual tone and you feel like you are sharing a laugh with a friend over coffee. I liken this book to a block of chocolate…you race through it because it is so yummy and you just want to enjoy it all, and suddenly you realise you only have a few squares left and you need to hold onto them and take it slowly to savour the goodness.

The beauty of her multi-faceted story is that each of us can identify with at least one aspect of it and take away something from her journey that we can apply to our own lives. If nothing else, she has caused me to take some time every day to slow down and just reflect, breathe and be in the moment. I really enjoyed this book, not only because I learnt some valuable lessons and was caused to look at myself, but also because she is really freaking funny! If I can be half as witty as she is then that’s good enough for me!

Price: $24.95
From: Borders (or any other book store on the planet)
Why you need it: You just do. And so does your Mum, your sister, your boss, your best friend and your mother-in-law. Read it…I personally promise you won’t be disappointed.

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