Stuff that I haven’t bought, that you should buy me

Think of this as a visual birthday wishlist.

Disney Couture Peter Pan panpipes necklace.
From: Dobry Den, Surry Hills
Why I want it: it would look ace with my green dress, and I don’t have any gold necklaces.

Born Standing Up – Steve Martin memoirs
From: Borders
Why I want it: I have always been a big Steve Martin fan. I think he is fascinating and hilarious and I think his memoirs would be a great read. Plus, he looks like my Dad.

Frangipani Tree
From: The Urban Balcony, surry Hills
Why I want it: Frangipanis (aka Plumerias) are my FAVOURITE flowers. I love their beautiful scent and their gorgeous colours, and I feel like I’m on holidays when I have one tucked behind my ear.

This is by no means a conclusive list, and rest assured it will be added to on a daily basis.

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